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Chris Robinson & New Earth Mud
Blending soul and effortless R&B, Chris Robinson burst onto the national scene in the early Ninties with the Black Crowes, in a manner reminiscent of vintage Faces and Humble Pie. Robinson became well-known for his gravelly vocals, uncompromising attitude and Jagger-esque onstage persona. His celebrity status afforded him a platform to support political causes and fiercely champion bands like the Jayhawks before the mainstream took notice of their efforts. Chris Robinson and the Black Crowes cultivated a dedicated audience that ensured they would go down as one of the most respected and well-liked roots-rockers of the 90's. Throughout the decade, the band often suffered from sibling rivalry between Chris and guitarist/brother Rich and turnover of key band members. In 2000, the band teamed up with Jimmy Page for a series of highly-praised concerts which resulted in the album Live At The Greek. Following a North American tour to promote their last album Lions, the band embarked on a long hiatus enabling Chris to record his solo debut.

Teamed with producer/guitarist Paul Stacey, New Earth Mud, recorded in Paris, was released in 2002. Freed from the constraints of the band, the album is a departure from the hard-edged rock and roll of Crowes past, showcasing acoustic-based songs, country-tinged harmonies and bluesy ballads that revolve around the confessional themes of love, resurrection, and hope. Robinson is pictured here while performing with the The New Earth Mud band, consisting of Paul Stacey (guitar), Jeremy Stacey (drums), George Reiff (bass) and George Laks (keyboards) at the Fine Line in Minneapolis on February 10th 2003.

New Earth Mud (2002)

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