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The Joe Jackson Band
Joe Jackson grew up in the South Coast naval port town of Portsmouth, England as an awkward, skinny, asthmatic child. He joined a violin class (aged 11) in order to escape from school sports, and soon fell in love with music. Soon Joe switched to piano and started to compose. In the summer of 1978, demos of his were heard by producer David Kershenbaum, who got Joe signed to A&M Records. The debut album, LOOK SHARP, was recorded right away, but not released until 1979, to be followed in the same year by I'M THE MAN, and in 1980 by BEAT CRAZY. The Joe Jackson Band were wildly successful and toured constantly for three years, getting up to all the usual mischief.

After the breakup of that band, Jackson took a 'vacation' from his own music and made an album of old jump-blues and swing tunes, JUMPIN' JIVE. He then returned to songwriting with a style which was both more sophisticated and truer to his eclectic roots, and the next decade saw him constantly pushing the pop envelope without ever actually abandoning it. Joe recorded and toured throughout the 80s, releasing NIGHT AND DAY (1982), BODY AND SOUL (1984), BIG WORLD (1986), BLAZE OF GLORY (1989), LAUGHTER & LUST (1991), HEAVEN & HELL (1997) and NIGHT AND DAY II (2000). He also started to diversify into other areas, notably film scores and albums of instrumental compositions. In 2002 Jackson chose to renew an old collaboration on his album, VOLUME 4. The 11-song collection reunites him with the band that accompanied him on the trilogy of LP's that first established him as a major artist in 1979/80. Jackson is pictured here with the original Joe Jackson Band- Graham Maby on bass, Gary Sanford on guitar and Dave Houghton on drums at First Avenue in Minneapolis on March 29, 2003.

selected discography:
Volume 4 (2003)
Night and Day II (2000)
Symphony No. 1 (1999)
Heaven & Hell (1997)
Night Music (1994)
Laughter & Lust (1991)
Blaze of Glory (1989)
Will Power (1987)
Big World (1986)
Body & Soul (1984)
Night and Day (1982)
Jumpin' Jive (1981)
Beat Crazy (1980)
I'm the Man (1979)
Look Sharp! (1979)
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