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The Pretenders
Since the late '70s, singer/guitarist/songwriter Chrissie Hynde has been the leader of one of rock's most widely beloved bands, the Pretenders. Born on September 7, 1951 in Akron, OH, Hynde was exposed on to rock the same way zillions of others did in the '60s -- via such British invasion bands as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, and the Kinks. After attending Kent State University in the early '70s, she worked as a rock critic in England where she became friendly with such up and coming punk rockers as the Sex Pistols and the Clash. Inspired by Punk's back-to-basics approach, she began her own career in music and in 1978 formed the original lineup of The Pretenders -- Hynde on vocals/guitar, bassist Pete Farndon, guitarist James Honeyman-Scott, and drummer Martin Chambers. Due to Hynde's vast rock & roll knowledge, the Pretenders were much more than just a punk band -- they were never afraid to let other styles seep into their own sound, After two classic albums, tragedy struck, as both Scott and Farndon died from drug overdoses less than a year apart from each other. The Pretenders carried on despite the career-threatening misfortune, and scored another big hit with 1984's Learning to Crawl. Despite numerous lineup changes since, Hynde has kept the Pretenders alive with steady releases up to the current day. She has also never been afraid to voice her opinions concerning some causes and topics she believes strongly about, such as PETA and ending animal cruelty. Chrissie Hynde, guitarist Adam Seymour, bassist Andy Hobson and drummer Martin Chambers are pictured here at the State Theater in Minneapolis on February 16th 2003.

Loose Screw (2002)
Viva el Amor (1999)
The Isle of View (1995)
Last of the Independents (1994)
Packed! (1990)
Get Close (1986)
Learning to Crawl (1984)
Pretenders II (1981)
Pretenders (1980)