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Bill Wyman
As a member of the Rolling Stones for three decades, Bill Wyman established himself among the greatest bassists in rock & roll history. In January 1993, he announced his departure from the Stones, and in 1997 Wyman formed a new band, the all-star Rhythm Kings. The group debuted with the LP Struttin' Our Stuff, followed in 1999 by Anyway the Wind Blows. 2001 saw two releases from the Rhythm Kings, Double Bill and Groovin. Bill Wyman is pictured here at the Minnesota Zoo amphitheater near Minneapolis on August 20th, 2001.

selected discography:
Double Bill
Anyway The Wind Blows
Struttin' Our Stuff
Compendium- Solo Recordings
Exile On Main Street
Sticky Fingers
Let It Bleed
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings