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Pete Yorn
Born in New Jersey on July 27, 1974, Pete grew up with music in the house as his mother, a former concert pianist, taught Pete about the piano, and he continued to explore music throughout high school. After graduating college, he headed out to Los Angeles to pursue music. The future for Pete was bright at LA's Cafe Largo, where he would jumpstart his career, as he obtained a following that developed from 3 years of playing around the area. Demos were going around and one was given to film producer Bradley Thomas who caught one of Pete's performances. The Farrelly Brothers picked up some of the songs in their film "Me, Myself and Irene."  Yorn was also asked to score the picture. He landed a deal with Columbia Records that he received after playing the acoustic guitar for a record executive. Playing the bulk of the instruments himself, he recorded the debut album, "Musicforthemorningafter."  Yorn went on to tour the world for 18 months, allowing "Musicforthemorningafter" to go gold. Recently, Pete has partnered up with Marc Dauer (of the Jukebox Junkies) and Rami Jaffee (of The Wallflowers) to form their own label called Trampoline Records. They put out a cd titled "Greatest Hits Volume 1" that features upcoming and unknown artists, side projects, and more. In spring 2003, he returned with his sophomore album, the "Day I Forgot" and has continued to tour extensively.   Pete Yorn is pictured here on April 29th, 2003 at The State Theater in Minneapolis.

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