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Frank Black
Born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson, this veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist changed his name to Black Francis, and along with guitarist Joey Santiago co-founded The Pixies. Their unique sound helped make the band one of the indisputable foundations for the creation of alternative music in the early 90ís. Following the breakup of the Pixies, he decided to embark on a solo career. Changing his name to Frank Black, he released a solo self-titled debut album. After his third solo album The Cult Of Ray in 1996, Black assembled a band called The Catholics. Frank Black & The Catholics are pictured here April 1st, 2003 at The Quest in Minneapolis.

Frank Black (1993)
Teenager of the Year (1994)
The Cult of Ray (1996)
Frank Black & The Catholics (1998)
Pistelero (1999)
Black Letter Days (2002)
Devil's Workshop (2002)
Dog In The Sand (2003)
Show Me Your Tears (2003)
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