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Paul Westerberg
Capturing our attention since 1981, Paul Westerberg has, and continues to display, an uncanny ability to shift gears from the alcohol-fueled rock and roll clown who belted out hard-charging anthems like "Bastards of Young" to the sensitive soul who penned such classic tearjerkers as "Here Comes a Regular" and "Unsatisfied". The dichotomy between folk star and rocker continues right up to the present day, with his new album title even reflecting the split personality: Folker. With a catalog running nearly a quarter century deep, including recent classics like "Breathe Some New Life", "As Far As I Know", "2 Days Til Tomorrow", "What A Day For A Night" and "Tears Rolling up Our Sleeves", Westerberg has proven to be the most important songwriter (with the only exception being a notable Hibbing tunesmith who famously fused folk and rock some years earlier) to ever come out of Minnesota (maybe even the United States of America). Paul Westerberg is pictured here at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN on June 29th and July 1st 2002.

selected discography:
Folker (2004)
Come Feel Me Tremble (2003)
Come Feel Me Tremble DVD (2003)
Dead Man Shake (2003)
Stereo (2002)
Mono (2002)
Suicaine Gratifaction (1999)
Grandpaboy EP (1997)
Eventually (1996)
14 Songs (1993)
All Shook Down (1990)
Don't Tell A Soul (1989)
Pleased to Meet Me (1987)
Tim (1984)
Let It Be (1984)
Hootenanny (1983)
Stink (1982)
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (1981) Without Ties
Vagrant Records
The Foshay Tower
Color Me Impressed